Capehart House

Lucy Catherine Moore Capehart, daughter of a prominent state legislator, had this imposing brick house with elaborate wood and stone ornamentation built on then-fashionable N. Wilmington Street. Designed by A. G. Bauer, it is one of the finest examples of Queen Anne architecture remaining in Raleigh. Gables, dormers, turrets, and intricately corbelled chimneys punctuate the irregular roofline. The state and the Historic Preservation Foundation of North Carolina moved the house to N. Blount Street.

Date: 1898


Capehart House, 1904
Capehart House, 1904 Image courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives.
Capehart House, 2009
Capehart House, 2009 Image by Michael Zirkle Photography, copyright Raleigh Historic Development Commission.
Capehart House, 1984
Capehart House, 1984 Image courtesy of Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection. View, Lucy Catherine Capeheart House, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina. Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection, 1965-2005 (PNC slides). Preservation North Carolina. July 30, 2014. NCSU Libraries’ Digital Collections: Rare and Unique Materials.


424 North Blount Street


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