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Interested in Raleigh Historic Landmarks, but want to get some fresh air and exercise? Begin at the Raleigh Little Theatre, wind your way through West Raleigh, check out downtown's urban core,…

Many Raleigh landmarks reflect the achievement, culture, and struggle of the city’s African American population. The oldest date to the nineteenth century. Estey Hall, built in 1874 at Shaw…

Raleigh is known for its many educational institutions, so it is no surprise that the city has a good number of landmark properties reflecting that history. The oldest are two buildings at St.…

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Raleigh Historic is a free mobile app which curates Raleigh's landscape through the use of geo-located historical text and archival images. As the site develops, archival film, oral history and other audio, as well as short documentary videos will be included. Raleigh Historic is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Android App Market.