Raleigh Little Theatre/Amphitheater/Rose Garden

The Raleigh Little Theatre, organized in 1936 as an outgrowth of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Theatre Project, stands at the edge of the best-planned, best-integrated, and best-preserved of Raleigh's park spaces. William Henley Deitrick donated the initial design for the theatre and garden complex; landscape architect R. J. Pearse designed the amphitheater and adjacent landscaping. Architect Thaddeus Hurd prepared the working drawings for the theatre and his classical lines represent one of the earliest local examples of stripped-down modern classical style. Local architect Brian Shawcroft designed the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre, built at the north end of the existing theatre in 1988-1989.

Date: 1938-1940, 1966, 1988-1989



Pogue and Gardner Streets