Fisher’s Bakery & Sandwich Company

This 1952 plant housed a home-grown, regional, wholesale bakery founded by Karlie Keith Fisher. Fisher started out making peanut butter crackers in her basement on Everett Avenue. Soon, she added pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches on sliced bread. Her sons wrapped them in cellophane, hauled a box to Hillsborough Street and Oberlin Road, and sold the sandwiches and snack crackers to NC State students. This followed a Piedmont tradition of sandwich-making businesses. The in-home food production provided hand-held meals for mill workers, who were often required to work without a lunch break. Fisher expanded her business repeatedly in its eighty-one-year history, adding pies and cakes, opening restaurants and chuckwagons, and eventually building this wholesale bakery and sandwich plant.

Date: 1952


1519 Brookside Drive


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