This Craftsman bungalow is typical of dwellings built in the early twentieth century in Method, a neighborhood that evolved from an 1872 freedman’s village. The area was rural and miles beyond Raleigh’s nineteenth-century limits. By the 1920s, Method was evolving into a suburb. The population remained predominantly African American. Lillie Stroud Rogers and her husband Wiley Rogers bought the parcel at 616 Method Road in 1924. They did not build right away; in fact, Lillie had the house built in the 1940s after Wiley’s death. Bungalows were more common in the 1920s than the 1940s, but family history and public records support the later date. Perhaps the Wileys purchased house plans along with the parcel and Lillie kept them until she was able to build. Lillie Stroud Rogers lived in the Method bungalow until her death in 1968 at age 82.

Date: ca. 1940


616 Method Road


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