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Art Along Blount Street: Prince Hall

Artist: Robert Quinn

About the artwork:
“To start this project, I made two scouting trips to Blount Street where I walked the blocks mentioned in the project and searched for a subject. I decided to create a composition
using Prince Hall as the subject. I was inspired by the building’s architectural details and the shadow patterns they created just after noon in early December. I included the Mason
signage to help define the subject and honor their long history at that site. Also, from my vantage point sitting across the street from Prince Hall, I noticed the Cabarrus street sign and decided to include it in the composition as a nod to the street intersection and to help create an interesting space in the drawing.”

About the artist:
Robert Quinn received an MS in mathematics from the United States Coast Guard Academy, an MS in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MS in mathematics from NC State University. In 2008 he received the First Premium for Web and Graphic Design and the Second Premium for Sculpture at the NC State Fair. Robert lives and works in Raleigh.


Prince Hall
Prince Hall Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Robert Quinn


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