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Art Along Blount Street: One Way Home

Artist: Rachel Herrick

About the artwork:
“One Way Home is a way of talking about and understanding people without depicting people. I am interested in what historic buildings can tell us about old ways of life melding with or giving way to present-day needs. In the case of these buildings, their original functions as factories and neighborhood stores have been altered or obscured by a century of other incarnations, each of which has left a trace of the people who have used them. The techniques used in my work echo the sedimentation and erosion seen in the buildings I paint. Most pieces are painted on vintage grain, seed and tobacco fertilizer sacks from North Carolina-based companies. The corner of Blount & Bragg is set to become the western edge of SPERNA’s Heritage Walk route, celebrating the community and encouraging the public to take notice of buildings like these as markers of a long and
interesting history.”

About the artist:
Rachel Herrick is a multimedia artist best known for her detailed traveling (MOCS) installations. This work has been the subject of activist and academic writing in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Herrick grew up on a subsistence farm in the hills of central Maine and relocated to North Carolina in 2004. She earned an MFA from the Maine College of Art in 2011 and a BA in creative writing from Methodist University in 2002. She has been the recipient of several grants including a United Arts Regional Project Grant and a Puffin Foundation Grant.


One Way Home
One Way Home Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Rachel Herrick



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