Arkansas Delaware and Vermont Connecticut Royster Confectioners Building

The candy factory that Arkansas Delaware Royster and his brother Vermont Connecticut Royster established in this building became a Raleigh phenomenon. The business began as a general store inherited by the third-generation Raleigh brothers after the Civil War. Arkansas, known as Ark, ran the store while his eighteen-year-old brother V.C. went to New York City to learn candymaking. V.C. returned and the Roysters switched from groceries to confections in 1872. By 1883, Royster’s churned out a ton of candy daily. Early specialties included coconut, cream, and peanut candies. Later, the company shipped its sweets around the world as Raleigh youngsters grew into nostalgic candy-loving adults who wanted their Royster’s no matter where they lived. The factory closed in 1960 and the building now houses offices.

Date: ca. 1865 with alterations ca. 1892 and 2000



207 Fayetteville Street