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(former) Saint Monica's School

The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh built St. Monica's for African American students in 1930, when all city schools were still segregated. This small building with spare Gothic detailing housed eight elementary grades in four classrooms. The school thrived: Many saw St. Monica's as a better educational option than the public schools for African Americans. In the 1950s, the Diocese integrated its facilities and African American students could attend Sacred Heart Cathedral, the white Catholic elementary school. St. Monica's closed in 1967. The building has been incorporated into Tarboro Road Park and is operated as a teen center by the City of Raleigh.

Date: 1930


St. Monica's School, 2009 Image by Michael Zirkle Photography, copyright Raleigh Historic Development Commission.
St. Monica's School, 1957 Side View. Image courtesy of St. Monica's School.
St. Monica's School, date unknown Image courtesy of St. Monica's School.
St. Monica's School, 1957 Image courtesy of St. Monica's School.


15 North Tarboro Street


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