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Art Along Blount Street: The Washington School

Artist: Patrick FitzGerald

About the artwork:
“The Washington School is one of the most historically significant buildings for Raleigh’s
African American educational community. Although not on Blount Street, I thought it would be important to honor a building and tradition that has had such a positive effect on so many citizens of Raleigh over the decades. The image of the school is a marriage of its physical structure and the recognition that the building is also made of all the knowledge transfer that takes place between its enormous walls. The sky itself is a colorful depiction of the alphabet, representing the mental structures that are being established in the minds of the students attending this locally famous elementary school. The school’s history starts with its completion in 1924 as the first public high school for African American children.”

About the artist:
Patrick FitzGerald is an artist/designer who teaches at NC State College of Design. He is
interested in combining analogue processes (drawing and collage) with digital processes (computer software).


The Washington School
The Washington School Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Patrick FitzGerald



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