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Art Along Blount Street: Summer Stroll Downtown

Artist: Aaron Cracium

About the artwork:
“The work I am presenting represents what I have read about the historic portion of Raleigh. The African American roots of the freedmen who started on Blount Street and other areas of downtown, because it was one of the few places they could start, gave me the inspiration to take a historic area and give it a modern twist with the bright smiling face of today’s modern African American person.

Image today is of a very sensitive nature, along with race and creed, which is part of the reason I chose to make the image. The challenge of creating something that wasn’t stereotypical, but was a mix of a building signifying the past in the present with a very young, fresh, smiling face accompanied by the splash of graphics, helps bring it into the present and future.”

About the artist:
Aaron Cracium is a veteran multimedia designer with high level experience in 3D animation, interactive game design, advertising design, web development and video production. He is currently the webmaster at the School of Communication Arts, where he received his certificate in digital animation.


Summer Stroll Downtown
Summer Stroll Downtown Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Aaron Cracium


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