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Art Along Blount Street: Fun Times at the Top of the World

Artist: Dare Coulter

About the artwork:
“The 746 East Raleigh South Park District was a place that provided black people with a strong community and incredible opportunities that they were largely being denied elsewhere. I wanted to highlight some of those wonderful things in my piece, Fun Times at the Top of the World.

Through this project, I have gained a new respect and understanding for parts of the city that I had only happened to drive through, and their strong significance for the African American community. I represented this by attempting to join the idea of the present with foundations of the past. The image features a little girl sitting atop a foundation of sorts. It is made up of the pieces of the foundation that existed in East Raleigh. The buildings included are Tupper Memorial Church, the Leonard building at Shaw University, and the Governor Morehead School.”

About the artist:
Dare Coulter was born in 1993 and raised in Lorton, Virginia, where she claims her entire life’s perspective was shaped. She is the second of three girls and started drawing because of the first. She is currently pursuing an Art + Design degree at NC State University. She is an artist, muralist and sculptor.


Fun Times at the Top of the World
Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Dare Coulter



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