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Art Along Blount Street: Pillars of Community

Artist: Brandon Cordrey

About the artwork:
“While the majority of my artwork is mixed media collage built out of secondhand print materials, I often work through these ideas digitally first. As a result of this practice, I’ve become increasingly interested in digital collage. The layers in my work remind me a lot of our city. Raleigh’s history is preserved in architecture. This mixture of old and new gives the city its variety. Pillars of Community takes nostalgic images of historical buildings and presents them with a contemporary aesthetic. The complete image shows the history of the South Blount Street district. I chose these specific sites because they create a full picture of this small but distinct area of Raleigh. Components like the university, residential neighborhoods, community spaces and small businesses give the area the variety that I hope this project helps to preserve.”

About the artist:
Brandon Cordrey is a mixed media collage artist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. His works’ content frequently focuses on information transfer, thinking of humans as data processing units. He earned his BFA in painting and drawing from East Carolina University. He is represented by Emerge Gallery in Greenville, NC and Penland Gallery on the Penland School of Crafts campus. He is currently the director of exhibitions at Visual Art Exchange and the program director for Arts Access in Raleigh.


Pillars of Community
Pillars of Community Source: Raleigh Arts Commission Creator: Brandon Cordrey



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