Higgs-Coble-Helms House

The overall style of the two-story, wood frame Higgs-Coble-Helms house is Italianate but it has the asymmetrical composition typical of Queen Anne dwellings. Its second-story windows are capped by pedimented surrounds supported by brackets that are echoed throughout the house. It also features the only tin roof on N. Blount Street. The dwelling houses state offices.

Date: 1878


Higgs-Coble-Helms House, 2010

Higgs-Coble-Helms House, 2010

Image courtesy of D. Cicone, Capital City Camera Club. View File Details Page

Higgs-Coble-Helms House, 1980

Higgs-Coble-Helms House, 1980

Image by Michael Zirkle Photography, copyright Raleigh Historic Development Commission. View File Details Page

Street Address:

417 North Blount Street [map]

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