Boylan Apartments

The Boylan Apartments are Raleigh's earliest example of the garden-style apartment complex, which incorporates open space into the overall layout to improve living conditions for the occupants. Three simple brick-clad buildings with Colonial Revival detailing were arranged to form an interior courtyard and house one- and two-bedroom apartments. The project was produced through a public-private partnership with the Depression-era Public Works Administration. The private developer borrowed money from the federal government to erect the complex, in turn providing jobs for the unemployed and building modern housing for lower-income residents. Upon completion, the complex quickly filled with secretaries, stenographers, clerks, salesmen, and office managers. Private residences.

Date: 1935


Boylan Apartments, 1935

Boylan Apartments, 1935

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Boylan Apartments, 2009

Boylan Apartments, 2009

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Street Address:

817 Hillsborough Street [map]

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